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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of ceremonies are performed; legal, symbolic, same sex?

Our Officiants can perform a variety of ceremonies that range from port to port. We will ensure that the ceremony you wish to hold is perfect for you. Our Wedding Consultant will work with you to decide which port is best to accommodate your request.

When getting married on the first day of the sailing, why do I have to be at the port early?

For weddings held on embarkation day, the first day of the cruise, we allow wedding parties priority boarding. As a result, we need everyone in the group to arrive at the designated time to ensure priority boarding can proceed. No one is allowed to board until U.S. Customs and Immigration has cleared the ship.
The wedding couple should be showered and comfortably dressed when arriving at the terminal. The ladies should have their hair and makeup done prior to arriving at the terminal, allowing only enough time to change into wedding attire. Guests must arrive completely dressed and ready for the wedding when arriving at the cruise terminal.

May I bring guests to my wedding? If so, is there a limit?

For ceremonies on board the ship, the maximum is 200 guests total. Within that maximum, you may have 150 non-sailing guests—no exceptions. For shoreside weddings, you may add guests, but limits depend on the location. Additional transportation, entrance, site fees, etc. may apply. As always, contact your Event Manager for specifics.

What if I have special needs?

Wheelchair, restroom, and changing room accessibility vary by ship and by port. It is strongly suggested that anyone requiring a wheelchair should bring their own in order to ensure a stress free day. It is recommended that a member of your group be appointed to assist guests in need of wheelchair assistance. Please contact an Event Manager for further details.

What happens if it rains on my wedding day?

If the weather does not permit the ceremony to take place on a beach or in a garden, alternate arrangements may be made at the site or back on board the ship. For weddings on board the ship, no alternate arrangements need to be made.


Is there an additional fee for Sat, Sun, holidays?

Additional fees will apply on some holidays and weekends. Please contact an Event Manager for complete details and port specifics.

Can I reserve a legal wedding within 45 days of sailing?

It may be possible, however there may be charge for a late booking fee that will apply, and the date and port of call must be approved by your Event Manager.

Can I change my date?

Yes, date changes must be approved through your Wedding Consultant, and a rescheduling fee of $250 will apply.
Rescheduling Policy: You have up to 60 days prior to sailing to reschedule your ceremony. It is subject to availability and a rescheduling fee of $250. Inside of 60 days, all payments are non-refundable.

Is there a fee to cancel my ceremony?

Cancellation Policy: You have up to 60 days prior to sailing to cancel your ceremony at no expense less a $500 administrative fee. Inside of 60 days, all payments are non-refundable.

How long does the ceremony take?

The Ceremony takes about 15-20 minutes with universal vows. You may add your own short exchange that has a special meaning to you. Some couples may choose to incorporate a sand ceremony (please bring your own ceremony set and sand, or contact our Enhancement Department for a list of available options). Following the ceremony, you will sign the temporary marriage certificate along with the minister. If friends or family are not present for the ceremony, we can provide witnesses as needed.

What are the wedding lounges onboard?

Depending upon the size of your party, most of our ships offer various lounges, restaurant, and deck locations. These can be viewed in the Gallery section. Couples may place a request for a specific lounge, restaurant, or location. Times and locations are determined based on the number of guests attending, length of reception, entertainment requests, location, and staff availability. Requests will be considered based on each party’s needs and are not guaranteed. Ceremony times and locations are scheduled and confirmed within two (2) weeks of your sail date. An Event Manager will assist you with locations and details on each ship.

What are the wedding sites onshore?

Most of our locations offer a beach, a garden, or a gazebo location. The location is the couple's choice. An Event Manager will assist you with locations and details in each port of call.

Am I allowed to hire my own photographer, videographer, decorator, florist, DJ, entertainer, etc. on-property?

As the ship and TWE provides all needed services, outside vendors are not permitted.

Is music provided at the ceremony?

Pre-recorded music will be provided for your ceremony on board. Traditional wedding music is provided, or you may bring your own. Please contact an Event Manager for a list of approved devices. Music is not provided for weddings held on shore. Live entertainment may be available. Please contact an Event Manager for options available in specific ports.

Is my wedding a legal marriage, recognized in our state / in our country?

If you choose a legal marriage either on board, on shore, or at sea with us, the marriage is legally binding. Once you have received your official marriage certificate, you can use that document as proof of your marriage. All required documentation will be outlined on your online account with all the details and timelines necessary. A Marriage License Coordinator will assist you with all details required to have a legal wedding in the country that you ultimately choose.

What happens to the documents I provide?

In most cases, the documents will remain in the files of the host country's government.

What types of documents will I be required to provide?

Depending on the type of ceremony you are having, the documents you may be asked to provide for both parties to the ceremony include birth certificates, a divorce decree, death certificate, and a photo ID or passport. For vow renewals, an un-notarized copy of your marriage license must be provided in advance.

What happens after you receive my documents?

Upon receipt of your documents, we will apply for the marriage license from the government, who will issue the certificate once the ceremony has taken place. The Minister may give you a temporary certificate following the ceremony; however, this copy will not allow you to update your name on documents. Rather, you must wait for the official certificate to be mailed to you.

What documentation is required?

The requirements for a legal ceremony vary by port. All documents must be uploaded to your online account at least 60 days prior to sailing or a $150.00* USD late fee will apply for late submissions. Again, please contact your Marriage License Coordinator for details.
*Fees vary by port.

How long does it take to receive the marriage certificate?

Approximately 6-12 weeks following the ceremony, your marriage certificate will be forwarded directly to you. There is no way to expedite the process. If you would like to obtain extra copies of your marriage certificate, there is a cost ranging per document.

What is the best way to travel with a wedding dress?

It is highly recommended that you bring your wedding dress with you as a carry-on as well as all important wedding items such as rings, tux, etc.

What is the difference between an "Event Manager" and a "Wedding Coordinator"?

An "Event Manager" will help you with all of your pre-planning questions, your booking and any enhancement questions. Please note that in the course of your planning you may speak to multiple knowledgeable Event Managers; however, you may request to speak with one person specifically. On your wedding day, you will be met by a "Wedding Coordinator" who will help guide you through the course of your wedding and answer any questions you may have at that time.

When do we meet the Wedding Coordinator?

If you are getting married on embarkation day, you will be escorted on board by your Wedding Coordinator. If you are getting married at a port of call, whether on board or on shore, you will receive a notice for when you are to meet with the Wedding Coordinator.

Is transportation included with package (private car, taxi, etc)?

Transportation is provided for wedding couple only in certain packages on shore. Where transportation is not included in the package for embarkation day weddings, assistance may be available to arrange for the couple and/or other guests for an additional fee.

What should I wear? Are there any limitations?

Preferred attire is traditional, elegant, or dressy casual attire. Beachwear, beach sandals, or shorts are not permitted in certain ports. Please contact an Event Manager for more details on your port.

Who performs the ceremony?

Usually a Notary Public is provided for the United States and a Non-denominational Officiant for all other ports. Arrangements can be made in certain ports for ethnic, specific religions, and / or other ceremonies.

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